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As we continue our quest to provide the best in health care, we also recognize our responsibility to the citizens of Lee County and the surrounding Eastern Arkansas communities.  This realization compels us to continuously seek ways to improve as we develop into a center that follows the latest practices in health care.


Olly Neal Community Health Center  was born through the efforts of ordinary people in our area, farmers, mechanics, housewives, the disabled, retirees, and factory workers.  With the large contributions of Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) workers, Olly Neal Community Health Center  went from a dream to a reality and the community expects us, as stewards to that legacy, to grow and sustain our health center for the coming generations.  We thank everyone who has worked here in any capacity; the team approach to healthcare is what has allowed us to sustain our presence in the community.  


Being named CEO marks the continuation of a long-standing family commitment to healthcare in Delta. This year is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the clinic, where my father served as the Dentist for many years. Being able to move back to Marianna and serve the community in this capacity is very fulfilling. This is a commitment I look forward to maintaining for many years to come.

As we embark on our next 50 years of service, we are focused on the community. We want people to feel confident that when they visit Olly Neal Community Health Center  their healthcare and social needs are being met. Our biggest mission is to improve the holistic health of the community.

So, please continue to visit us online and when you're in the area, visit us at 530 Atkins Boulevard in Marianna.  We await your call.


Kellee Mitchell Farris, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Olly Neal Community Health Center  

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